Alfio Sacco
Fine Art

Born in 1950 in Sicily, Alfio Sacco now lives and works in Zurich Switzerland.

He studied art, photography and lithography in Catania Italy and Zurich Switzerland.

His artistic stance is critical towards actuality, stating itself as alternative system. It falls in the path of Underground Art, contrapuntal subculture to the so-called ‘’official’’ culture.

His photos, painting-like, do not arise from casual snapshots, but from a precise gaze, which searchs for the exact and attentive motif and image. It takes time to catch the right photo at the right time. It is not uncommon to see Alfio Sacco early in the morning, hunting the exact harmony of light and shadow or waiting for the sun to create the right hue. The discovery of new subjects, such as the trace of posted bills, wall fragments, small graffiti at the bus stop, for Alfio becomes a story 

to be narrated. The images are taken out from their original context and filled with new meanings and messages. Similar to the medieval palimpsests, we have to look for meaning beyond the first visible layer. Chance does not happen by accident. It stems out of the practice of perception, giving new and sudden significance to structures and contents not yet revealed. Chance develops into constant research and discovery: only those who work knowingly with fortuitous events, know for certain which way to go.